Recital with Bradley Moore

Toronto Summer Music Festival

"The moment she opened her mouth, my jaw (figuratively) dropped. What a voice…a true force of nature. Her mezzo is rich, smooth, creamy, voluminous, even up and down the scale, and used with style, taste and musicality. She followed [the Turina] with three familiar songs by Chausson. Mostly soft, languid pieces, exquisitely sung in a honeyed mezza voce, particularly “Le Temps des Lilas.”  Total, uncompromising technical control, a voice so rock solid that it sounds like it can do anything. Every note, every line was seamless and well supported, the mezza voce always caressing, the fortissimi pin you to your seat. The timbre maybe on the cool side, but her radiant smile truly exemplifies the joy of singing... One couldn’t help but marvel at the gleaming tone, the evenness of production. With such an exceptional voice, I found myself just luxuriating in her sound."
–Joseph So, Musical Toronto

Beth Stewart