Eboli in DON CARLO

Washington National Opera

Barton was the star of the evening, elevating the mezzo role of Princess Eboli from vengeful femme fatale to a wounded but sympathetic courtier, both perpetrator and victim of the palace’s sexual intrigue. Her Veil Song was coy and sultry, and the showstopping “O don fatale” was a magnificent study...


Teatro Real Madrid

Debuting with an already fully developed interpretation, the justly deserved standout among the vocal cast was Jamie Barton, who offered a magnificent Leonor. A big voice – meaty and velvety, with generous volume and extensive range – it’s also delicate, with an attractive timbre and impeccable placement, and a homogeneous lined-up sound.

Jezibaba in RUSALKA

Metropolitan Opera

It’s hard to find adjectives superlative enough to describe her voice: huge and sumptuous, but with such broad possibilities of color that the singer can chill the blood with just a glint of steel in the tone. Lurching, heaving and writhing nonstop, she looked as if she might any moment explode out of sheer malevolence.