Elizabeth Proctor in THE CRUCIBLE

Glimmerglass Festival

"The mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton, whose voice is majestically plush yet somehow always articulate, even conversational, made much of Elizabeth’s hurt and dignity."
–Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times

"Powerhouse mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton is Elizabeth Proctor, the faithful wife wounded by her husband’s sole indiscretion. She sang gloriously, whether pathos or outrage."
–Richard Carter, Blasting News

"Mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton, as Elizabeth Proctor, has a sweeping scene in which she pledges devotion to her husband but also demands his faithfulness. As her voice leaps across the extremes of range and emotions, Barton remains solid as a rock."
–Joseph Dalton, Albany Times Union

“Jamie Barton and Brian Mulligan play Elizabeth and John Proctor, and they bring their seasoned powers to the opera. The two singers sing beautifully and their acting is so very truthful and heartbreaking they convince us that these two are worlds apart. In every musical phrase and pause they portray the moment-to-moment yearning of these two souls who cannot express their love or heal the brokenness of their dreams.”
–Susan Galbraith, DC Theatre Scene

“Glimmerglass cast it powerfully, with Brian Mulligan and Jamie Barton in redoubtable vocal form as the Proctors…”
–Anne Midgette, Washington Post

"Ward’s portrait is built on incisive musical character development. Glimmerglass fielded a superb cast. Two powerhouse singers, Brian Mulligan and Jamie Barton, anchored the piece as the beleaguered John and Elizabeth Proctor..."
–Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal

“Imbuing Elizabeth Proctor with both staunchness and fragility falls to mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton, whose marvelous timbre and expressive delivery never falter.”
–Linda Loomis, New York Upstate

Beth Stewart