Fenena in NABUCCO

Seattle Opera

"Jamie Barton, an international prizewinner of considerable renown, is dazzling as Fenena, with a showstopper Act IV aria that displayed the lyricism and agility of this remarkable voice."
–Melinda Bargreen, Seattle Times

"Likewise impressive was Jamie Barton's passionate portrayal of Fenena, the half-sister of Abigaille who wins the man loved by both, the Israelite Ismaele. Her prayer in Part Four, just before the freshly converted Nabucco arrives to stay her execution, was a highlight. So was the trio between her, Abigaille, and Ismaele in Part One."
–Thomas May, Bachtrack

"Young mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton as Fenena, new here, has a truly beautiful voice with depth and nuance. She will surely be back."
–Philippa Kiraly, SunBreak

"Thomas blended well with Jamie Barton’s mellifluous Fenena. Barton’s Act 4 preghiera was arguably the most touching piece of singing all evening."
–Theodore Deacon, Opera Magazine

"Fenena is luxuriously cast with mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton, creamy and beautiful in the Part I trio and the Part IV cavatina."
–Mark Mandel, Opera News

Beth Stewart