Charities Close to My Heart

American Civil Liberties Union

A trusted source of information that steps up and pursues legal fair play – the ACLU literally makes social justice happen. I’m a proud, card-carrying monthly-donating member!


Miles 4 Migrants

I found out about this org when I had some extra air miles I wanted to donate, and I’m so glad I did! With my 130k miles, 6 families have been reunited. Trust me when I say…there’s no better feeling.

Open Hand

I directly support the Atlanta chapter, and love the fact that they began their mission of providing meals to homebound people during the AIDS crisis.


Sing for Hope

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sing for Hope over the last decade, and I just adore them. #artforall is near and dear to my heart, and whether it be arranging concerts for hospital residents or delivering pianos decorated by local artists to 50 public schools in NYC, Sing for Hope has it covered!!

Turn The Spotlight

I’m beyond proud to serve as a mentor with Turn The Spotlight, which is working to create equity in the arts by nurturing leaders among women and people of color. We’re living in an age in which personal attention can feel like a luxury, and the one-on-one mentorship Spotlight provides allows me to directly support the voices of people and ideals I believe in.


Richard Tucker Music Foundation

There are a handful of nonprofits in the classical music world that provide support for burgeoning singers, but none quite on the scale of the Tucker Foundation. In addition to their annual star-studded gala, this foundation works hard all year long to  to support younger singers with grant money, concert engagements, and awards. This is truly a family, and they do everything they can to make sure singers have the resources they need to make a solid leap into this career.