Giovanna Seymour in ANNA BOLENA

Metropolitan Opera

The superb mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton’s sumptuous voice has utterly unforced carrying power. Ms. Barton’s Giovanna held her own, trading fiery phrases and bursts of skittish passagework, and was even more affecting during tender moments, when Ms. Barton demonstrated how to send a long-lined Donizetti phrase wafting through the house. At 33, she seems poised for greatness.


Ars Lyrica Houston

"Award-winning American mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton, whose assured and eloquent vocalism provided a strong start to Ars Lyrica Houston’s 2015 ̶16, probably doesn’t sing much medieval or Renaissance music. Her potent voice is more suited to the opera stage or recital platform than to the choir loft. But the rest of Western classical music seems to be her oyster.

WQXR Tucker Recital

The Greene Space

"When I heard mezzo Jamie Barton at the Metropolitan Opera's recital in Central Park in the summer of 2014, she would have knocked my socks off--if I hadn't been wearing sandals. This time around­--newly anointed winner of the 2015 Richard Tucker Award--at a concert presented by WQXR at New York's Greene Space in SoHo, I was wearing my argyles and, sure enough, I went home barefoot. Barton proved, once again, that she's 'the real thing'."